The Moses/Weitzman Health System is a global leader addressing challenges faced by organizations caring for the poor and diverse populations, and is home to programs focusing on education, research, and process improvement support for safety net providers. The system delivers primary care to more than 150,000 patients in Connecticut, and extends access to specialty care for more than 2.5 million individuals across the U.S. It is a national accrediting body for organizations training advanced practice providers, and offers accredited education and training for Medical Assistants in multiple states. 

As an incubator for new ideas in areas including social justice, the environment, and social determinants of health, the MWHS is addressing challenges faced by providers caring for underserved communities, creating innovative and impactful initiatives led by nationally and internationally recognized experts. As it forges pathways into the future of primary care, the MWHS honors Lillian Reba Moses (1924-2012), a granddaughter of slaves, and Gerard (Gerry) Weitzman (1938-1999), whose ancestors escaped pogroms in Eastern Europe. Their vision and commitment to justice and equity in healthcare is the foundation upon which the Moses/Weitzman Health System was built.

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About Reba Moses and Gerry Weitzman

The Moses/Weitzman Health System is named for Lillian Reba Hyman Moses and Gerard Weitzman, who were among the earliest supporters and board members of Community Health Center, Inc.

Reba Moses
Reba Moses (1924-2012)

Reba Moses grew up in South Carolina, where her grandparents and great grandparents were born into slavery. She moved as an adult to Middletown, CT, where she devoted her life to tirelessly working for civil rights and the needs of the disadvantaged. Among many accomplishments as a community activist, Reba was instrumental to the formation of the Middlesex County branch of the NAACP. Reba was a mentor to Community Health Center, Inc. Founder, President and CEO Mark Masselli and served the health center for decades as a board member and inspiration.

Gerry Weitzman
Gerard (Gerry) Weitzman (1938-1999)

Gerry Weitzman was a pharmacist who owned Pelton’s Drug Store in Middletown, donating equipment and medication to CHC’s first facility, a one-room dental clinic. Gerry’s commitment to health care as a social justice issue and his zest for innovation and new ideas led him to join the health center’s original board of directors. He championed the growth and expansion of CHC from its original focus on Middletown to embrace the development of sites across Connecticut, as well as in schools and shelters.