We believe that climate change is a looming threat to the health of our communities. As a result, the Moses/Weitzman Health System and its system members are working daily to lower our carbon footprint.

Specific environmental initiatives around this work include:

  • An Environmental Action Task Force at Community Health Center Inc. to spread awareness and inspire action to protect the health of people and the environment at CHC and within surrounding communities
  • System-wide recycling
  • Divestment – Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) funds are available as part of the MWHS retirement plan
  • Compost collection available at some sites
  • Public transit commuting incentives for staff
  • Working to eliminate single-use plastic items 
  • Rooftop gardens and living walls
  • Therapeutic greenhouse gardens led by CHC staff at schools
  • Prescription for Produce programs in partnership with local farmers markets
  • Partnership with FoodCorps
  • Annual Earth Day activities
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